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by Birmingham wedding photographer MmwStudio

It took us some time to prepare this post. It’s never easy to make the selection of the pictures, to choose the best ones, as it was this time. Hard work really, but at last here we are. We prepared our selection of the best pictures from the weddings in 2014. Hope you’ll enjoy it.
By this occasion we wanted to thank our photographer friends from Düsseldorf and from London – it was really great cooperation this year, we absolutely enjoyed working with you mates. We hope that the cooperation between us in 2015 will be even better.
And of course we wanted to send a big hug and thanks to all our Brides&Grooms. Thank you for choosing us and for your trust. It was absolute pleasure to take the pictures on all those really fantastic weddings. We have strong belief that we fulfilled your expectations. Thanks again.

And here we come with the photos:

the bride and wedding gown,  dress, shoes, details

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wedding in London, preparations

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indian wedding preparations

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wedding session under the tree

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bride in bath

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wedding in Methodist Central Hall Westminster, London

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flower girls

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