Pre Wedding Session in London | MMWStudio sessions

by Birmingham wedding photographer MmwStudio

We’ve got real pleasure to show you some photographs from our last pre wedding session in London. We’ve taken the shots in most well known places in London, so as you can say it’s the “tourist kind” of pictures, but in fact that was the goal. As the couple comes not from London but from different areas of the world – we need to have all those famous places on photographs . But actually we really love those places and the pictures as well. N&S – thank you guys for posing, that was great to work with you – you have made really great job as a models ;) We have a lot of fantastic frames from that session – so it was really hard to choose best ones. And that’s not only our contribution – it was the group success and of course the beauty of the capital city.

More photographs coming soon… at least we hope so ;)

wedding session in London, underground tube station

wedding session in Westminster, London, Big Ben

engagement  session London, top wedding photographer from Birmingham

wedding engagement session London Eye

street engagement session at Westminster abbey, London
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