Square wedding addon… | Film wedding photography

by Birmingham wedding photographer Miłosz Wozaczyński

We were always in love to classic film photography and classic cameras and we always wanted to use it on the wedding reportage. Of course we shoot some weddings on film before, but honestly never ever with manual focused medium format vintage camera. As we love all those imperfections which comes with film and we really love the classic, vintage cameras as it’s just a masterpiece of mechanics – and as we had beautifully made German Rolleiflex camera from 50’s – we decide once to use it on wedding reportage. We used it as third camera together with modern digital ones. You will be able to see here the digital pictures from this wedding, but this time we wish to show you just a square format film pictures. Those pictures were just an add-on to our digital package, but we think it’s worth to see it as it could be really interesting for some of you who are in love in classic film photography.  We shoot there just 20 images, but what is always the strong point of shooting film – most of the frames were really great. Here we go:


bride and groom before church - film wedding photography

bride and groom film portrait - medium format photography reportage

portrait of kids in the church - wedding ceremony on film

wedding reportage taken on film

wedding reportage on film

the groomsmate in the church - medium format film photography

bride and groom at church - film wedding photography

Bride and groom portrait on film

Bride and groom in church - film wedding photography

film wedding photography - bride and groom portrait

Film wedding photography - ceremony reportage

Kids with bride and groom - film wedding photography

film wedding reportage

wedding car in fron of the church - film wedding photos

reception entrance - wedding on film

bride and groom portait on film

bride and groom portrait on the reception - captured on film