Hanan & Daniel wedding in Duisburg and Essen

by Birmingham wedding photographer MmwStudio

That fantastic wedding took a place last year in Duisburg. We were absolutely impressed by the friendly atmosphere there – thanks mates. What also impressed us is the reception in outstanding industrial venue in Essen. It’s based in old mine called Zeche Zollverein. We are really impressed by all the refurbishment made in NRW area in Germany – to all of the old industrial buildings and estates. Most of those buildings is absolutely stunning. It’s pleasure to see what can be done with those old factories. But going back to the wedding – such a great event with fantastic bride and groom. Just take a look below.

We would also like to thank a lot Monika & Konrad Wasylewski for contacting us with the bride & groom.

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wedding reception duisburg at Zeche Zollverein



wedding reception Zeche Zollverein Essen

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