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Wedding photography on film | Film wedding photographer

by MmwStudio

Here’s the example of the wedding photography taken on film only. Some of the pictures were taken with 35mm camera and the other – squire ones – were shot on medium format Rolleiflex camera. We used classic films like: Kodak trix, ilford hp5, fuji neopan 1600, fuji c200, xtra 800 i superia 1600. The bride and groom were absolutely in love in analogue film photography Read the rest of this entry »

Square wedding addon… | Film wedding photography

by Miłosz Wozaczyński

We were always in love to classic film photography and classic cameras and we always wanted to use it on the wedding reportage. Of course we shoot some weddings on film before, but honestly never ever with manual focused medium format vintage camera. As we love all those imperfections which comes with film and we really love the classic, vintage cameras as it’s just a masterpiece of mechanics – and as we had beautifully made German Rolleiflex camera from 50’s – we decide once to use it on wedding reportage Read the rest of this entry »